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  • Obermutten Swiss Village Facebook for Global Attn, Tourism $$$

    Social media when done well can help any one, any thing, any place. Here is another great example! The tiny village of Obermutten in the Graubünden area of Switzerland has gotten itself a sizable online following—putting itself on the map for would-be visitors—through its pledge to print out every Facebook fan’s profile picture and post it on the […]

  • Canadians BEG: Please come visit us [VIDEO]

    Canadians BEG: Please come visit us [VIDEO]

    I’ve been to Canada.  Good place.  Very clean.  Very polite.  But Canada’s Tourism Commission wants you to go too.  So badly, in fact, that they’re installing giant screens in busy areas of big cities to entice you. Below is a video in case you don’t believe it and need proof. The Canadian Tourism Commission has […]