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  • Kwame Kilpatrick: The Political Virtue

    For Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit and author of a soon to be published book chronicling his political rise and fall, the most rewarding aspect of being mayor was seeing hope, unity, and expectation take root in the city he oversaw. Kwame Kilpatrick campaigned on a platform of change; political change and a […]

  • Kwame Kilpatrick: Right Here – Right Now [Part 2 of 2]

    So how did Kwame Kilpatrick come up with the campaign slogan RIGHT HERE – RIGHT NOW which helped catapult him into political history as the youngest mayor of Detroit? Kwame entered into the mayor campaign late. In fact, he was the last candidate to enter the race. Kilpatrick and his team knew they needed to […]

  • Sept 19: Swedish Election Day,Controversy Threatens Tradition [VIDEO]

    On September 19 Sweden holds a national election to elect a new Prime Minister. The major controlling party in Sweden for almost 70 years has been the Social Democrat party – a progressive socialist party currently headed by Mona Sahlin. But Mona Sahlin may become the first leader of the Social Democrat party not to […]

  • Kwame Kilpatrick: Leader of the State House

    Kwame Kilpatrick as Leader of the State House shaped Democratic policy in Michigan. He did this, in part, by selecting Democrats for various committees and controlling the caucus budget. He also decided what bills would be introduced on the floor and he led all negotiations with the Governor and the Republicans on behalf of the […]

  • Kwame Kilpatrick: Road to Leader of the State House

    Kwame Kilpatrick, not long after he became a member of the Michigan State House of Representatives, ran for Leader of the State House. Kilpatrick was the first black man to run for the position. In order to win the position, he had to secure the votes of his colleagues. Kwame successfully secured the votes and […]

  • Kwame Kilpatrick: Learning Political Relationships early

    Kwame Kilpatrick began his freshmen year at the Michigan State House of Representatives on January 5, 1997. His entry into this political arena was aided by drawing upon his family history and connection with the city of Detroit. Very quickly, however, the Michigan State House of Representatives presented an important political lesson to Kilpatrick that […]

  • Something Cool happened in New Jersey [video]

    Something Cool happened in New Jersey [video]

    18-year-old Michelle Ryan Lauto is impressive.  She’s just begun college and I have to wonder what she’s studying.  Politics?  Communication / broadcast journalism? She stood up for a just cause and encouraged nearly 15,000 students to follow her.  How?  Social media.  Texts, MySpace and of course, a Facebook event invite. How?  Why? For an admirable […]

  • SURPRISE: Sarah Palin does Something right [video]

    SURPRISE: Sarah Palin does Something right [video]

    Yes,  it pains me to say Sarah Palin did something right.  Obviously there’s more than enough evidence depicting the other (wrong) side of her shenanigans.  In the below video, her cute-ish offspring and the recipient of a major Conservative Republican no-no (birth out of wedlock), daughter Bristol Palin films a PSA for Candies Foundation about […]

  • Prez Picks March Madness – Obama has Bball fun with ESPN [video]

    Connected Interactive isn’t so much about the sports.  But I like politics and I dig Obama.  So yes, even though I don’t know a thing about the game, the teams or potential winners.  I still like hearing about it.  I like hearing his reasoning, enthusiasm and humanity.  We have serious issues he deals with everyday.  […]