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  • Culinary Artists benefit ‘For Japan’ with ONCEKids, Fujimini Adventure Series [CHARITY]

    ONCEKids publisher and author of the acclaimed Fujimini Adventure Series Eileen Wacker attended the Japan Relief Benefit Dinner in Honolulu, Hawaii on Thursday April 21, 2011. The special benefit was created to directly support the Japan Disaster Relief Effort.  Culinary Artists for the Japan Relief Effort featured three renowned chefs – Halekulani’s Executive Chef Vikram Garg, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa of […]

  • ONCEKids Bunny Battle: Fujimini Bunny or Easter Bunny [CONTEST]

    ONCEKids, creators of the critically-acclaimed children’s books Fujimini Adventure Series, celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with a Bunny inspired family friendly contest. Fujimini Island character The Taekwondo Bunny wants to reward her friends with books, i-books and game apps.   To enter the contest is easy, just simply “Fan” ONCEKids on Facebook.  The prizes are great fun for the […]

  • ONCEKids = Smart Kids: Technology and Education

    The recent launch of the iPad has created excitement, particularly in education. Most educators are thrilled with the iPad and are looking for exciting ways to integrate it into the classroom. But some people question the use of technology in the classroom. Is technology harmful? Will children weaken their social skills by using a computer? […]

  • ONCEKids offers Cooking fun for the Family

    What activity improves kids reading skills, ability to follow directions, taps into their creativity and gives them a strong burst of self-confidence? Cooking. Eileen Wacker, the CEO of ONCEKids and the author of the Fujimini Island Adventure Series serves up some great tidbits about cooking with your child this holiday season. Cooking is a wonderful […]

  • Color, Search, Create: Fujimini Island, ONCEKids can teach all learners

    There has been much discussion over the past two decades about different kinds of learners. One class of learners has been labeled kinesthetic learners. Kinesthetic learners enter the learning experience through touch and interaction. Kinesthetic learners thrive on tactile experiences. Frequently, kinesthetic learners struggle to learn from reading or listening. They need interaction with material. […]

  • ONCEKids: Reading to Your Child Everyday

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) “strongly recommends reading to children every day, starting after they are first born because reading stimulates brain development, language development and aids in developing a closer emotional relationship with a child.” Eileen Wacker, CEO of ONCEKids and author of the Fujimini Adventure Series, believes parents should read to children […]

  • Chemistry 101: A Blended Family

    There are many kinds of families – traditional, divorced parents, single parents, adopted kids, step children, biological children, etc.. Our family is a “blended family.” We have four children – two are adopted children and two are biological children. They range in age from 7-12 years old. My husband and I met and got married […]

  • Fujimini Island Series – Dim Sum Yum Yum

    Eileen Wacker, the creator of the Fujimini Island Series and the founder of ONCEKids, explores the cultural motifs of Japan, China, and Korea in her children’s books. She discovered, through lots of market research, that Asian cultures were underrepresented in books and that parents were eager for stories interweaving diverse cultures. One of the cultural […]

  • Character Education: ONCEKids on Teaching Kids about Diversity

    One of the goals of teaching kids social studies is to teach them about being better citizens and understanding the plurality of society. Social studies education is about highlighting our cultures diversity. Additionally, social studies teach that families and communities are at the nexus of diversity. ONCEKids has created the Fujimini Adventure Series that presents […]

  • Fujimini Island: Kids, make a Party Hat with Green Hamster

    In Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Green Hamster takes off across Fujimini Island in search of fun. Pink Hamster tells Green Hamster that they could eat cake since, “cake is never boring.” During Green Hamster’s journey he dreams of Pink Hamster and her birthday cake. On Fujimini Island hamsters love cake, especially birthday […]