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  • Acclaimed ‘Hoboken to Hollywood’ Benefit Performance Jan 14 [VIDEO]

    “Hoboken To Hollywood: A Journey Through the Great American Songbook,” the phenomenally popular and critically acclaimed musical show at the Edgemar Center for the Arts, will devote its Friday, January 14 performance to benefit the non-profit organization CRE Outreach. Starring Luca Ellis and the 12-piece Paul Litteral Orchestra in an imaginary TV taping featuring dozens […]

  • A-List Screenwriting Teacher John Truby starts 3 Week Global Masterclass Tour, Follow with #TrubyTour

    A-List Screenwriting Teacher John Truby is known in Hollywood for his masterful storytelling skills.  Writers, producers and studio heads often reach out for his professional screenplay advice.  In his 30+ year career he has consulted on countless scripts and shared his theories in a best-selling book, The Anatomy of Story, and an acclaimed software program, […]

  • Hollywood Confesses Social Media Need to CNN’s Kuhn

    Let’s bring up some facts: Facebook’s 500 million + users make it the largest internet platform in the world.  April 2010’s Producers Guild announcement creating the “Transmedia Producer” credit shows us that Hollywood is interested in multi-platform storytelling; among those platforms being Facebook. Well, now Hollywood is getting honest (or nearly as honest as Hollywood […]

  • Truby Black Friday Contest Continues Convo with Big Sale [CONTEST] [BLACK FRIDAY]

    A-List Hollywood Screenwriting Teacher John Truby appreciates his fans.  During his recent Black Friday contest, he noticed great conversations happening as more and more fans joined on both Truby’s Facebook pages and Truby’s Twitter pages.   As a result Truby hosts his most generous sale to date this weekend:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday take an additional […]

  • Cupcake Camp LA: Bakespace hosts for Good Cause

    On Saturday November 20 Bakespace hosted Cupcake Camp LA at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood. People were lined up a half hour before the start of each tasting session in anticipation of cupcake treats. There were over twenty bakers with trays and trays of cupcake creations. Each person was given four tickets and a […]

  • Screenwriting Teacher John Truby Issues Holiday Challenge: 1000 Fans by Black Friday [CONTEST]

    Over the past few months, many of screenwriting teacher John Truby‘s fans have found him on Facebook and Twitter.  Now he’s encouraging even more fans to join.  Starting today and lasting until Friday, Nov 26 Truby is hosting “1000 fans by Black Friday” contest with savings worth $100s of dollar. To join the contest, simply […]

  • The Grim Sleeper: The South Central Killer Foiled By Family DNA

    The Grim Sleeper, so named because of his almost two decade respite on committing murder, has been caught by using a new method of DNA typing. The Grim Sleeper has killed ten young black women and one man since he began killing in 1985. He stopped his slayings in 1988. The most recent killing occurred […]

  • 3DFF – What are you doing RIGHT NOW – 5 reasons to go to the 3D Film Fest in Hollywood

    It’s a nice day out, so why aren’t you outside?  It’s too hot?  You’re too lazy?  There’s stuff on TV you wanna watch?  All reasonable answers, and yet I have a better idea for you.  Leave your house, walk down the street and go to the air-conditioned 3D Film Festival which is taking place in […]

  • Abbot Kinney Fest Review: Hot Day with Great People

    It was one hot day, hundreds of activities to be a part of and thousands of people to share it with!  Sunday September 26th the Abbot Kinney Festival took place in charming Venice and it gave all it promised and then some. This festival reeked with energy under the hot sun when thousands of people […]

  • Story Expert Truby hosts Back to School Writing Contest

    Hollywood’s A-list story expert John Truby will honor the millions of students going back to school this fall.  Truby‘s holding a special contest and will be rewarding several winners with hundreds of dollars worth of screenwriting software and research books including action, comedy, romance and other genres. Says Truby “The key to good storytelling is […]