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  • Curb Your Enthusiam returns: NYC Bound! [VIDEO]

    Larry David returns for another season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Last season climaxed with Seinfeld alums Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Michael Richards. How could it grow from there?  Video is below. If there is a place where Larry David’s neurotic alter ego on Curb Your Enthusiasm would fit perfectly, it’s New York […]

  • Fashion: Time with Tom feat Michele Brickman

    From time to time I will be bringing you updates on a fashion designer I LOVE! Tom Mark Wong of Mark Wong Nark Label has amazing clothes and his Spring and Summer line is here!  His colors POP and WOW! His muse Michele Brickman can be seen in his latest designs always looking gorgeous! I asked Michele which […]

  • Come to Sunday Farmer Market: Studio City Families, Fruits, Veggies

    Summers in California are a wonderful time for shopping at the Studio City Farmers Market because you can see and taste the sweet savory height of ripeness that fruits and vegetables, coming from our local farms, can produce. Friends, families and neighbors come together for a few hours on Sunday to chat, play, and of course shop […]

  • Dodger Days: Dodgers VS Giants

    The Los Angeles Dodgers opened their Major League Baseball season by hosting the San Francisco Giants April 1-3. It was a sea of blue, which made me uneasy. Having grown up rooting for the Giants, I felt anxious being on enemy territory. And after reading an article only minutes before leaving about a Giants fan […]

  • Meet History’s Greatest Perverts

    Let’s face facts.  We’re all perverts.  At least the fun ones are.  Perversity comes from curiosity.  And we’re all curious, right?  Well, we were digging around and it turns out that some of the most important people in our history are perverts too.  So sit back, or cross your legs tightly, or rub your extremity….or […]

  • Patti Smith, Dave Eggers byline 2011 LA Times Festival of Books

    Rocker Patti Smith and hipster Dave Eggers are scheduled to appear together – for the first time – at the upcoming Los Angeles Times Festival of Books which after 15 years at UCLA, moves toUSC April 30-May 1. Smith, whose “Just Kids” recently won the National Book Award for nonfiction, and literary hipster Eggers (whose book “Zeitoun” won last year’s Los Angeles […]

  • Going Blue on Dodger Day

    One of the perks of keeping in touch with an old boy toy (aside from NSA sex) is that he has season tickets to the Dodgers. Six months after we parted ways, I found myself standing at the end of Jacob’s bed, a little drunk and pawing at his feet, rambling about my ambitions to go […]

  • Celebrate World Water Day [CHARITY]

    UNICEF Tap Project encourages restaurants to raise funds for clean water for children.  World Water Day was organized by the UN Water group and has been celebrated each year since 1993. This year’s theme is “Water for the City.” Want a global approach to water usage that’s local as well? Restaurants around the world are […]

  • Big End for ‘Big Love’

    Big Love — starring Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin — aired for five seasons on HBO. In the beginning, there was man and woman. Before we met them on Big Love, they were husband and wife, alone. Later, as we learned, came the kids, two more wives, more kids, almost a fourth wife, […]

  • AI-Architects attracts Clients with their Focus, Innovation and Strong End Results

    Santa Monica Architecture firm Aleks Istanbullu Architects is known for detail, elegance and commitment to sustainable contemporary design.  However, it’s not just the excellent final product which attracts their clients through worldwide competition.  It’s the personalized journey that AI-Architects offers. AI-Architects is an intimate, focused group.  The associates interviewing for your project are the same […]