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  • West Hollywood Architecture: Custom Homes to Multi-Unit Housing

    AI-Architects is a Santa Monica-based architecture firm.  Principal architect Aleks Istanbullu discusses recent West Hollywood project 1200 Sweetzer which is currently receiving honors. Several well documented macro-economic factors helped shape the fundamental form of single family housing in the United States today. These include the abundance of undeveloped rural land near city centers, the abundance of post Second World […]

  • Westside Urban Forum: Los Angeles Architect firm receives honor

    Santa Monica Architecture firm Aleks Istanbullu Architects recently received honors from Westside Urban Forum for their work on 1200 Sweetzer.  The 10 Unit Condominium Building will be honored at WUF’s Awards Luncheon on June 10th. Designed to present residents with an alternative to the typical freestanding southern California house, the project consists of 10 stacked 2-story Maisonettes […]

  • Kwame Kilpatrick Biography: Surrendered

    Former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick has written a biographical book summarizing his life with a focus on the past decade, from political wunderkind, to the people’s-appointed hip-hop mayor, to reluctant martyr.  To be sure, the book is as controversial as the man himself.  While many passionately support his vision, just as many cry foul […]

  • Hef’s got problems, Bavaria helps [VIDEO]

    Stressed out by the demands of his many women, Hugh Hefner has turned to the sauce lately—first in the Stoli campaign, and now in this new Dutch commercial for Bavaria beer. And it’s not just his female companions who are weighing heavily on the Hef. Pillow fights, tiny dogs, and fruity drinks are getting old, too. So, […]

  • Auto Dealers: As Economy returns, Pressure to Compete Rises

    Auto dealerships are under substantial pressure.  “When the economy tanked, car sales were among the very first victims”, explains a Southern California car salesman.  “Our luxury lot and even our pre-owned [lot] felt the void.  It was almost immediate and lasted for too long.” The above sentiment was shared by dealerships and sales crews throughout the […]

  • Tanisha Hall: Who are you Allergic to? [lifecoach]

    If you’ve ever dealt with allergies, you know how brutal they can be. An allergy, or intolerance, is defined as:  hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen; symptoms can vary greatly in intensity. I swear, that perfectly describes my last relationship!!! So then I started thinking. When I eat milk- all bad. When I take penicillin- all bad. […]

  • Auto Dealers: 3D Front Plates are Ultimate High-End Driving Billboards

    Affordable Auto Marketing focuses on a variety of dealerships’ needs.  3D front plates are a great way to accessorize the vehicle and help spread your message to a crowd you’re looking for: the car enthusiast. Their 3D front license plates are made from highly durable molded plastic and coated with the finest exterior grade imprint colors available. […]

  • Tanna Frederick’s ‘Sylvia’ brings the Funny to Furry at Edgemar [REVIEW]

    Sylvia, from the sharp and shrewd pen of A.R Gurney is a seamlessly shifting bowl of kibbles that explores New York as a valentine by “Marley and Me” author John Grogan. A mix of silly and David Lynch darkness, poetry and practicality, balanced by its cast and led by an inspired ball of energy otherwise known as Tanna Frederick. The […]

  • Dr. Joel M. Fisher’s From the GrapeVine: International Food and Wine Festival

    Dr. Joel M. Fisher Ph.D is a renowned wine enthusiast, educator and columnist.  He also leads Los Angeles’ biggest and most prestigious wine, brew and spirits festival WineFest LA.  This week Dr. Fisher tells us about his recent visit to the International Food and Wine Festival: Every year I look forward to receiving my invitation to the International Food and […]

  • Celebrity chef David LeFevre brings SFJones Architects to the Beach

    Celebrity chef David LeFevre, formerly of Downtown LA’s The Water Grill is opening a new eatery in Manhattan Beach.  But he wanted it to look and feel different, so of course he called fellow Manhattan Beach resident Stephen Francis Jones of SFJones Architects. The restaurant plans to capture the essence of the warm beach community by […]